Evil Queen Disney Character Tribute

Evil Queen and Snow White Passing Storybook Land Canal Boats Disneyland

Many of Disney's villains appear temporarily in the parks around Halloween, but none appear as often as the original Disney villain, the Evil Queen.

The Evil Queen is a regular feature of Disneyland, regularly exploring Fantasyland, sometimes even joined by Snow White. She doesn't have a regular meet and greet, preferring to just wander the land, with the castle courtyard and the Snow White wishing well being among her favorite stops in the land to wait for a while.

Evil Queen Character Disney's Hollywood Studios

In Disney World, she regularly appears in surprise meet and greets throughout Disney's Hollywood Studios, in a large number of different areas of the park over the years, from Sunset Showcase to Tower of Terror.

Evil Queen Character Disney World

Her angry demeanor and deadpan expressions make her a special meet and greet that is different than almost every other character you can meet in the parks.

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