Walt Disney's Original Vision for the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow: Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions Part 50

Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions

Walt Disney did not build Disney World to replicate the success that he had with Disneyland. He built it as a means to pursue his new passion project, creating a utopian community on the brink of current technology known as EPCOT.

Over the last forty-nine articles, we have explored the never built rides of Disney's Epcot Center theme park, so it is only fitting that we end on the never realized original concept that inspired the park in the first place, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Walt Disney revolutionalized multiple industries over his life. First animation with creations like Mickey Mouse and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Then he revolutionized amusement parks with Disneyland, and in the final years of his life, he began to plan to revolutionize the very way people lived.

Much as he had paid for Disneyland by creating a TV show, he would build a second theme park in order to help secure funding for his vision. Walt Disney World would be built alongside a shiny new community Disney was designing from scratch.

One of the final acts of his life would be to film an introduction to the project.

It would have been a miniature city utilizing the latest technologies to create a perfect utopia. Disney would not allow individual vehicles, only utilizing the public transportation methods they had already designed for the parks, improved in order to deal with the needs of a city as opposed to a city. Instead of cars, you would get around with Monorails and Peoplemovers.

Walt Disney had always been a futurist, dedicating a whole land of the original Disneyland to the concept, and completely redesigning it when he was unsatisfied with its original outcome. This would be his final vision of an urban utopia, a climate-controlled world of public transportation, and corporate cooperation with the common man.

This was still in the blue sky stages when Disney died, and the company left without its visionary would decide to proceed with the theme park alone, without EPCOT.

Epcot Spaceship Earth Geodesic Tiles Disney World

During the coming years, Disney would struggle with the question of "What would Walt do" and often fell back his last sets of ideas. They would do this for inspiration on the second theme park at Walt Disney World, and the first to not follow the basic layout of the original Disneyland.

It wouldn't be what Walt wanted, but it would at least pay tribute to it, and it remains a popular part of Walt Disney World to this day.