A Statement On Using Our Content

Diamond Anniversary Entrance of Disneyland

Yesterday, we here at Theme Parks and Entertainment became aware of a Youtuber with over one million subscribers using a diagram created for one of our Epcot Center's Canceled Attractions articles in a video without giving credit.

We just want to take this time to restate our position on utilizing our content.

We have tried to always support the creator community, and our content has always been free to be adapted and shared, all that we ask is that proper credit is given.

No image or video at Theme Parks and Entertainment is ever watermarked or altered so that it can be fully enjoyed, but taking our content, especially a diagram created especially by our team without referencing who put in the work creating it makes it difficult for us to grow. Theme Parks and Entertainment is growing, but content taken without credit hurts our ability to keep providing content in the future.

Several significant creators in the theme park community as well as major news organizations have referenced us in the past and always given proper credit until this moment.

We have made numerous efforts to provide databases for content creators and more to find usable content through our Database Disney archive and the recently launched No Copyright Theme Parks series, but these efforts only work if people respect the work of growing creators.

To make it easier, we have put all of our guidelines on using our content in one place for easy access.

We appreciate anyone using our content, all we ask is that you recognize who initially created it.

Thank you. Dylan Cushing, Owner and Editor of Theme Parks and Entertainment

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