Top 5 Musical Theater Halloween Songs


Hamilton Broadway Theater New York City

Broadway creates amazing songs for every occasion, but today we are celebrating five of the best musical theater Halloween songs.


This is a song recreating a high school Halloween party, with all the alcohol, dancing, and revealing costumes that goes along with them.


Another high school Halloween song, this time almost entirely about turning any potential costume, from Rosa Parks to corn, sexy.

That Beautiful Sound

Did you hear that sound? Its the Broadway tribute to scaring people out of their minds, from the show with many songs that could be on this list, Beetlejuice.

Don't Feed The Plants

The finale song of the famous monster musical where man-eating plants take over the world.

The Time Warp

By far the most famous musical theater Halloween song that has become a regular staple of many mainstream Halloween celebrations, with its iconic dance moves, and the original performance by Tim Curry in the film version.