10 Fun Facts About The Muppets Present Great Moments In American History

Disney is always looking for new ways to inject new magic into underutilized areas. One of the best ways they have done this in recent memory is with Great Moments in American History, a Muppet themed show in the Magic Kingdom.

Here are 10 fun facts about this attraction at the Magic Kingdom.

1. 45 Years

This was the first new attraction of any kind in forty-five years in Liberty Square. Nothing new had been added since the opening of the park

2. 2016

This attraction opened just after the forty-fifth anniversary of the park on October 2nd, 2016.

3. Two Versions

There are two different versions of the show, based on the story of Paul Revere and the Declaration of Independence.

4. Two Buildings

While it mainly takes place in one location, Sam Eagle, the most patriotic Muppet, also appears in the Hall of Presidents.

5. Human Characters

One version of the show features a human character named JJ who interacts with the Muppets.

6. Alterations

This show caused alterations to be made to several facades in Liberty Square, something that happened very few times in the history of the park.

7. 6 Characters

Six different Muppet characters are featured in this show, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Sam Eagle, and multiple chickens.

8. Bigger Muppets

As the show takes place above the audience, the Muppets featured in the show are 5% bigger than normal Muppets due to the distance between the audience and the show.

9. Sam Eagle Expanded

This show was envisioned with only Sam Eagle, but it was eventually expanded to include more Muppets to increase its appeal. Sam Eagle would eventually get his own exclusive restaurant in Disney World in Epcot.

10. Original Music

An original song was written for this show and is used as the opening and finale of both versions of this show.