Disaster Universal Studios Orlando

Disaster A Major Motion Picture Universal Studios Orlando

Universal has changed a lot since they opened their Orlando park, and almost every attraction from their opening day no longer exists in any form at the park.

One of the opening day attractions held on for a long time, but it went through a lot of changes before finally closing to make way for Fast and Furious Supercharged.

Earthquake was an opening day ride at Universal Studios Orlando based on the film of the same name. It featured an impressive special effects ride through show based on a similar one on a part of the studio tram tour at Universal Studios Hollywood. It was one of many attractions that attempted to transfer a short studio tour show into a full ride.

It went through many changes over the years eventually turning into Disaster, an original ride concept based on making a disaster movie (not Earthquake) using the same special effects show.

This ride is no longer in the park but the same main scene is still a part of the studio tour at Universal Studios Hollywood meaning it can still be enjoyed somewhere in the world.

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