10 Fun Facts About Spaceship Earth

Spaceship Earth at Night Epcot Disney World

Spaceship Earth is the iconic signature attraction of Epcot. It is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world and contains one of the best rides Disney has ever designed.

To celebrate this ride we are sharing 10 fun facts about this iconic ride.

1. Drainage

Spaceship Earth In Rain From Imagination Epcot Disney World

Being such a big building that people had to walk underneath, Disney designed this building with rain in mind. There is a drainage system built into this attraction that drains water into the neighboring World Showcase lagoon.

2. Two Spheres

Spaceship Earth From Future World West Epcot

This ride is not just one sphere, it is two. The outer one you see with the iconic tiles, and a stronger inner shell that holds it together.

3. Different Narrators

Over the years this attraction has had a variety of different narrators, from Vic Perrin, to Walter Cronkite, to Jeremy Irons, to the current Judi Dench all bringing their own unique spin on the attraction.

4. Ride System

Spaceship Earth Behind The Seas With Nemo and Friends Epcot Disney World

This is an omnimover similar to Disney's Haunted Mansion, one of the most popular ride systems created by Disney.

5. Different Scenes Same Characters

The show has had many of the same scenes over the years but uses them to tell different stories. The mathematics scene for instance used to be a theatrical performance.

6. Tiles

Spaceship Earth Geodesic Tiles Epcot Disney World

There are 11,324 tiles on Spaceship Earth.

7. Spaceship 451

Spaceship Earth Night Purple Epcot Disney World

This ride was developed with help from author Ray Bradbury of the classic science fiction book Fahrenheit 451.

8. Presidential Status

Many of this ride's animatronics get their faces from the presidents in the Hall of Presidents. It is expensive to make an animatronic face, meaning Disney often reuses them, especially for original characters.

9. Interactive Ending

The modern version of this ride has an ending involving interactive screens, but the original sets for the original ending still stand behind black curtains.

10. Secret Roof

There is a secret trapdoor to the roof that was used to film commercials, like the one above, with Mickey on the top of Spaceship Earth.