Bolt, Mittens, and Rhino Disney Character Tribute

Bolt Mittens and Rhino Disney Characters Disney's Hollywood Studios

Bolt was a significant film for Disney. It launched Disney into its current trend of success and was the first computer-animated film by Disney that lived up to its reputation.

Bolt Characters at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney brought all three of the main characters from this film to their parks to promote the film. Bolt, Rhino, and Mittens would meet guests together in the animation building at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

They would also sign autographs as a group.

Bolt Characters Disney World

After the movie's initial release the characters would not stay in the parks. Mittens and Rhino would completely disappear, and Bolt would become an extremely rare character that only appeared on increasingly infrequent meet and greets at Disney World.

Now Bolt only appears in surprise meet and greets and at special events.

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