Pineapple Lumpia Review Pandora Disney's Animal Kingdom

Pineapple Lumpia Pandora Disney's Animal Kingdom

Disney is always looking for the next big snack to add to their parks, with most new additions featuring a few snacks that Disney hopes will be their next big hit, and become an iconic classic they can clone to other parks. Recent success stories include the Incredicookie and multiple new forms of Dole Whip.

Pandora had its own success story with the Pineapple Lumpia.

Found at Pongu Pongu, this snack is a pineapple cream cheese wrapped in a thin breading that is served with a paper wrapping that makes it the perfect snack to eat while exploring the landscapes of Pandora (once you are allowed to eat while walking again) or while waiting in line for one of the land's two attractions.

It is a sweet but not overpowering treat that is distinctly exotic and blends in perfectly with the otherworldly surroundings it is found in. It was a welcome addition to Disney's Animal Kingdom, which had lacked iconic exclusive snacks prior to Pandora.

It was so popular that it made its way to Disneyland in the Tropical Hideaway, where it fits in perfectly as Adventureland's second most popular pineapple treat (behind the ever-popular Dole Whip also found here).

This treat was popular enough to spread to an entirely different land, and is well worth a try. It is certainly not a treat that everyone is going to enjoy, but if you tend to enjoy pineapple it is a great new twist on it.

Have you ever had the Pineapple Lumpia at Disney's Animal Kingdom or the Disneyland version? Tell us your opinions on this treat in the comments below!