July 2020 Disney Magic Kingdoms Tower Challenge Speculation

July 2020 Disney Magic Kingdoms Calendar Rewards

For the first time this year Disney Magic Kingdoms is bringing us a tower challenge.

Tower challenges are a great way to earn previous limited event content, and they usually add at least one, but more recently more than that, new characters from a previous limited-time event.

So what do we know about this event?

For a timeline, events usually start on Thursdays, so the best bets are it will start on July 9th or the 16th. The 16th is the most likely date as the daily calendar reward is one of the essential tokens for Tower Challenges.

We can also assume that the event will feature Princess and the Frog and Winnie the Pooh characters based on the rewards calendar based on chests that are being given out. Pooh has already gotten an additional character so if there is a new character it will probably be from Princess and the Frog.

Who will this character be?

There is a decent chance it is Ray, the firefly from the film. He was not included in the original event (as he was SPOILER killed in the original film) but this has not stopped them from adding similar characters in the past.

There's also always a chance of a new costume, perhaps a frog costume for Naveen and Tiana, or one of Tiana's other outfits from the movie.

This is exciting to see the game bring back this type of event, and any new content to the game is always exciting.

We will keep you updated as we find out more information about this update in the days to come.