Emperor's New Groove Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms In Next Update

Dancing Kuzco Llama Emperor's New Groove

Due to an accidental tweet, we know what the next Disney Magic Kingdoms update is going to be. The characters of The Emperor's New Groove are coming to the game.

As for which characters are coming, no announcement was made but this is one of the easiest movies in a while to speculate on which characters will be coming.

This will be coming to the kingdom as permanent content, not a limited-time event, meaning there will likely not be more than four characters from the film coming to the game in this upcoming update based on the past few permanent content updates.

The characters will almost definitely be Kuzco, Yzma, Pancha, and Kronk.

The main question I have is if addition costumes will be included. This film is notable for having multiple iconic looks for several of the main characters, Kuzco as a human, Kuzco as a Llama, Yzma and Kronk's scientist outfits. I wouldn't be shocked to see some of these added as well.

We also don't know what attractions will come, as the only use of Emperor's New Groove in the US parks is in the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdoms game.

Raging Spirits Tokyo DisneySea App

There is also a coaster slightly themed after the film in Tokyo DisneySea, but it is unlikely to come as the ride takes place in the ruins of the films setting, centuries after the film.

Emperor's New Groove Temple Disney Magic Kingdoms

Finally, it will be fun to see how this temple, obviously themed after the movie, is used in this update.

There was also a hint at a surprise additional character being added, potentially not from Emperor's New Groove. The only character ever added alone to the game was Constance Hatchaway from the Haunted Mansion, so this is uncharted territory.

This could be another Disney Parks character, or potentially a character from a film that will not get its own event. Maybe this is how the game gets Merida, as there are not a lot of significant characters from the film to fill an event. We will just have to wait and see.

Are you excited to see a new movie added to the game? Who do you think the surprise character is? Let us know in the comments below!


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