Review: Muppets Now Due Date: The Muppets Return to Form

Muppets Now Disney Plus Title Screen

Disney has used The Muppets to varying successes since acquiring them. The 2011 Muppet film was a loving tribute to all of the classic films, but it was given an inconsistent sequel in Muppets Most Wanted, followed by an underappreciated more adult television series.

After a long break from creating new Muppets content, Disney returns the Muppets to form with the all new Muppets Now.

This series drops the attempt to tell an overall storyline and simply lets a series of Muppet short form skits exist, allowing the Muppets to play with each other and celebrity guests including Taye Diggs and RuPaul with their classic form of comedy.

Kermit and Walter Muppets Now Disney Plus

This show features the return of all your favorite classic Muppets as well as the return of Walter, the original Muppet created for the 2011 Muppet film.

Kermit and Fozzie Bear With RuPaul Disney Plus Muppets Now

The show is probably best thought of as a Muppet version of Saturday Night Live. Some skits are great, some fall flat, but the important part is it genuinely feels like the Muppets, something the last Muppet series was criticized for missing the mark on.

Uncle Deadly and Miss Piggy Muppets Now Lifestyle Disney Plus

Miss Piggy is the loveable diva she always was, playing well in this series of skits against Uncle Deadly and Kermit.

Swedish Chef continues his untraditional chef antics in a new cooking skit.

The skits are all true to the Muppets heritage while still updating themselves for the modern short-form social media (and Zoom) era.

If there is any criticism to be made it is the show is a bit too centric on high profile Muppets like Kermit, and Miss Piggy, and could use to feature some smaller profile characters like Sam The Eagle or Rizzo The Rat, but perhaps we will see more of them as the series goes on

What this shows is Disney does understand the Muppets and is capable of creating great content with them, and hopefully this is the first of more original content featuring them coming to Disney's streaming service.