Baloo Disney Character Tribute

Baloo Main Street USA Magic Kingdom Disney World

The Jungle Book is one of the final films with direct involvement from Walt Disney himself and has found its way into various Disney parks in small ways over the decades since its initial theatrical release all around the world.

Baloo and King Louie became staples of several versions of Adventureland but would also meet in various other locations throughout the Disney Parks.

He would also often appear along Main Street USA alongside other classic Disney characters.

Baloo Character Disney's Animal Kingdom Disney World

For most of its history, Baloo would meet alongside King Louie in Disney's Animal Kingdom, usually in the Asia area, an area that fits with his original film's setting of India. In recent years he has become more difficult to find, with daily meet and greets replaced with infrequent and random meetings with this iconic Disney classic.

Baloo Character In Parade Disney World

Today Baloo is only commonly found in parades, and it is unclear if he will ever return to a US Disney park on a regular basis.

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