Owl Coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms In New Tower Challenge

Disney Magic Kingdoms Tower Challenge 2020 Opening Screen

Disney Magic Kingdoms has just revealed that a new Winnie the Pooh character is coming to Disney Magic Kingdoms. Owl is going to be a new character coming to the game in the upcoming Tower Challenge on July 16th.

He will be the final reward for the tower challenge, which is the first of its kind in 2020.

There is also a bunch of new content that we are going to run through below before telling you everything we know about this upcoming Disney Magic Kingdom tower challenge.

New Content

Owl (New Character)

Mickey Celebration Donut Stand (Milestone Chapter 1 Reward)

Maleficent Waffle Cone (Milestone Chapter 2 Reward)

Maleficent Horns (Returning)

Tigger Hat Stand (Milestone Chapter 3 Reward)

Tower Challenge Guide

The basic idea behind tower challenges is it gives you an oppertunity to earn previous limited time content without needing to spend gems. Typically you get the chance to earn three previous characters, three previous attractions, and a new character that you unlock by buying their character tokens throughout the event.

You do this by earning Maleficent coins. They can be earned by sending characters on missions through the event or getting them from cursed attractions. Each chapter (there are three in each event) uses one limited time set of characters and permanent characters. You earn more Maleficent Coins based on how high you have leveled up your characters.

In Chapter 1, Beauty and the Beast characters will be used and you will be able to earn Beast and Beast's castle.

In Chapter 2, Aladdin characters will be used and you can earn Aladdin and the Streets of Agrabah.

In Chapter 3, Winnie the Pooh characters will be used and you can earn Rabbit's House and Rabbit.

All throughout the event, you can try to earn tokens to get Owl.

Other Announcements

It was announced there will be no new land in this update, but there will be in the next update.

We were also given a hint that the next update will involve a hairy predicament and someone that's always willing to lend a hand. This sounds like either Brave or Ratatouille. The hair fits perfectly for Brave but the hand comment doesn't fit as well. For Ratatouille, both comments would fit well for Remy controlling Linguini's movements (including his hands) through his hair. We will keep you up to date as more clues get released.

Are you looking forward to this update? Who are you going to try and get in this tower challenge? Let us know in the comments below!