10 Fun Facts About Frozen Ever After

Frozen Ever After brought one of Disney's biggest modern hits to the Disney Parks in ride form for the first time and gave Epcot a hit attraction.

We're sharing 10 facts about this classic boat ride through the kingdom of Arendele featuring all of your favorite Frozen friends.

1. Reused Fiber Optics

The fiber optics used in Elsa's Let It Go scene are leftover from the attraction Frozen Ever After replaced, Malestrom. Now used as some of Elsa's ice magic, it was originally meant to be troll magic in its original ride.

2. Animatronics

Anna and Kristoff Frozen Ever After Epcot Disney World

The animatronics used in this ride are a special new kind of animatronics that combine projections with traditional audio-animatronic technology.

3. Multiple Versions

After the hit of the Epcot original, Disney planned three additional versions of this ride that are still under construction in Tokyo DisneySea, Walt Disney Studios Park, and Hong Kong Disneyland.

4. Multiple Films

This ride includes not only characters from the hit film Frozen, but also the short Frozen Fever.

5. Olaf

Olaf and Sven Animatronics Frozen Ever After Epcot

Olaf is more advanced than any of the other animatronics in the ride, having the ability to walk.

6. Oaken

You don't only see characters from the films on the ride. Oaken is shown in the queue in a sauna.

7. Modified Songs

Skating Olaf Frozen Ever After Epcot Disney World

Not all of the songs in the ride appear exactly as they did in Frozen. Some had modified lyrics or are sung by different characters to fit in the storyline of the ride.

8. Backward

This is the first boat ride system in the Disney Parks to go backward, a trait in inherited from Malestrom.

9. Puffins

Not much was kept from Malestrom when the ride was switched to Frozen, but the Puffins from the original attraction found a new home in Arendelle.

10. Long Hours

Elsa and Anna Frozen Topiaries Epcot Disney World

This ride has typically stayed open longer than the rest of the park as an added benefit of fireworks dessert parties.

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