Inside a Prop Newspaper from Hercules in the Park NYC

Hercules Shakespeare In The Park Disney Zero to Hero Newspaper

As the Broadway closure continues onward it has led many to turn to nostalgically look back on shows of the past. Today we are looking back at the limited week-long production of Disney's Hercules as part of the Public Theater Shakespeare in the Park series in 2019.

One of our reporters acquired a prop from this production at the 2019 Broadway Flea Market. This oversized newspaper was used during the Zero to Hero sequence.

From the audience, you could clearly see the front of the paper with the headline "Hercules Does It Again" but there are a lot more hidden details on this prop.

Disney Hercules Public Works Prop

On the back the subheadline discusses a garbage strike.

Hercules Shakespeare In The Park Newspaper Prop

Also, if you open up the prop to read the center page, the prop supports independent journalism in ancient times, a nice on brand addition to a newspaper prop.

What is your favorite detail on this prop? Let us know in the comments below!