Gaston's Cinnamon Roll Review Magic Kingdom

Gaston Cinnamon Roll Magic Kingdom Disney World

Disney has a ton of great snacks of the frozen variety, but their baked goods can be just as great despite not reaching the same iconic status.

One of the best baked treats that can be found in the Disney Parks is Gaston's Cinnamon Roll from the Magic Kingdom. It was the only treat saved when Starbucks replaced the Main Street Bakery and it was relocated to Gaston's Tavern in New Fantasyland.

This is no ordinary cinnamon roll. It is a massive treat completely covered in frosting. This is a treat that is big enough to share, and big enough to be a meal of its own.

This is one of the best snacks at Disney World, and one of the best deals, as the snack is so massive yet does not cost more than the average snack at the parks.

The cinnamon roll is moist with a strong cinnamon flavor that is complimented well with the sweet frosting that covers it.

Gaston's Tavern Magic Kingdom Disney World

Given that Gaston's Tavern has yet to reopen following the phased reopening of Disney World it is uncertain when this snack will return to the park. It survived the loss of its original location, hopefully it will survive this as well.