10 Facts About Soarin Around the World

Soarin since premiering at Disney California Adventure has become a modern classic at Disney Parks around the world.

Here are 10 fun facts about this world-traveling simulator.

1. Smells

This attraction features a variety of smells that add to the immersiveness of this attraction, including notably a tropical scent

2. Original Soundtrack

A new soundtrack was written for this attraction primarily based on the original soundtrack created for Soarin Over California.

3. Different Lands

Soarin Disney California Adventure Grizzly Peak

Every version of this attraction is found in a different land, making them themed entirely differently.

4. Different Endings

All versions of this attraction feature different endings over the park they take place in. The Tokyo Disney Sea version also features an additional exclusive scene.

5. The Different Names

This attraction has many different names around the world. In Shanghai, it is called Soarin Over the Horizon and in Tokyo, it is called Soarin Fantastic Flight.

6. Flight Number

Soarin is themed as flight 5055 in the airport themeing of the Epcot version, which stands for the day the attraction originally opened at this park.

7. Screen

This ride uses a curved OMNIMAX screen to create the realistic flying effects in the attraction.

8. Toy Ride

This ride is based on a simple model created with a children's toy that eventually became the ride system behind Soarin.

9. Replaced

In Epcot, this ride replaced Food Rocks, a musical show featuring parodies of then-modern pop songs based on different food groups.

10. 4 Parks

California Aviators Soarin Queue Line Disney California Adventure

This ride is so popular it had been built in 4 different Disney Parks making it a truly international attraction.