10 Fun Facts Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room

The Enchanted Tiki Room is a charming trip to a tropical-inspired hideaway in Adventurelands around the world. This show introduced animatronics in a new way and remains a great entertaining show decades later.

Here are 10 fun facts to learn about this show. Hopefully, you find out something new!

1. A Tropical Hideaway

A classic joke in the attraction about Rosita, inspired a restaurant at Disneyland over fifty years later, including the first-ever appearance of the character Rosita.

2. Different Versions

There are four different versions of this show that have played over the years, the original, Under New Management, Get The Fever, and Stitch Presents Aloha e Komo Mai.

3. Treats

This show has been connected with the classic Disney Parks treat Dole Whip for years, with stands located outside multiple versions of the attraction for you to grab and enjoy inside the ride.

4. Preshow

The preshow for this show is different in Disney World and Disneyland, despite the show being the same in both locations.

5. Different Name

Enchanted Tiki Room Adventureland Area Disney World

The show initially opened under a different name, Tropical Serenade, at the Magic Kingdom.

6. Barker Bird

There used to be a bird outside the Disneyland version of the show that would call out for people to come to see the show. Despite being gone for decades, he is still commonly featured in merchandise.

7. Opening

This ride initially opening in 1963 in Disneyland.

8. Shortening

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room Magic Kingdom Disney World

Over the years this show has been continually shortened from its original version.

9. Audio-Animatronics

This was the first Disney attraction with Audio-Animatronics and it was used to help introduce them to the world.

10. An Adventureland Classic

Adventureland Entrance Arch Disneyland

Every version of this attraction is found in Adventureland.

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