Lake Compounce Social Distancing Review

Lake Compounce Entrance Amusement Park

Lake Compounce has started reopening following a delayed start to the 2020 season with new social distancing measures. We are going to review them and give you a look at how the park has changed in the aftermath of the first wave of the COVID19 pandemic.

Face masks are required throughout the park for anyone over 3 years old. You are required to keep social distance throughout the park, and there are markers wherever a line may form throughout the park in shops, attractions, and restaurants. Finally, you are required to use hand sanitizer before getting on any ride.

Lake Compounce 2020 Closed Attractions List

Many attractions were not operating due to the new regulations, or due to not being ready yet. Among these were Wildcat and Zoomerang, two of the roller coasters of the park.

Wildcat Entrance Lake Compounce

Multiple bumper cars attractions are not open and will not open during the season as it is not possible to social distance on this type of attraction.

Partially Built Wave Swinger Lake Compounce

Wave swinger will also not open due to COVID19 although the reason for this seems unclear. The ride remains unbuilt in the center of the park.

Other significant closures include Wave Swinger, Jolly Jester, Thunder Rapids, and the Trolley.

The Crocodile Cove water park has also yet to open, but is set to open after Season Pass previews.

Daniel Tiger Set Lake Compounce

Daniel Tiger shows have also not resumed due to the added risks involved in a live stage performance.

Phobia Phear Coaster Lake Compounce

Rides are regularly being washed down by a cleaning team that rotates through the park. Although some attractions, like the indoor shooter attraction Ghost Hunt, are cleaned more often.

If you feel uncomfortable with the measures being taken, the park is selling spray cleaner that you could use to sanitize a ride vehicle seat prior to using it.

Boulder Dash Social Distant Line Lake Compounce

The park did a good job enforcing the social distancing rules. They are fully staffed, with employees managing each queue line and making sure people keep masks on.

Overall they did a great job altering practices to make for a much safer experience amid a global pandemic, only allowing 25% capacity, and strictly adhering to health guidelines. The park could use more hand sanitizer stations, but beyond that, it was a great way to update the park to new standards.