Storytelling With Belle at the Magic Kingdom

Storytelling With Belle Magic Kingdom Disney World

The Magic Kingdom has constantly changed over its almost fifty-year history, and even classic fan-favorite attractions have left the park to make way for new experiences.

One of these was Storytelling With Belle. This show brought a Beauty and the Beast attraction the Fantasyland in a fun way that included audience participation from several children.

This was a neat way to do a more personal character interaction than the average meet and greet and create a nice little show around it that could be enjoyed by everyone. It retold the story of Beauty and the Beast in a unique way that had never been done before in any Disney Park.

It would even have a Christmas version based on the Beauty and the Beast holiday special that would run seasonally each year.

Eventually, this show would inspire the much more elaborate Enchanted Tales With Belle that would add multiple preshows to a show that was very similar to Storytelling With Belle.

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