Ranking The Roller Coasters of Coney Island

Coaster Round-Up

Coney Island Amusement Parks From Water Brooklyn New York

Coney Island is one of the most iconic amusement park locations on the planet. Located in Brooklyn New York, the two parks on Coney Island, Deno's Wonder Wheel and Luna Park are home to some amazing rides and roller coasters.

But which roller coasters are the best?

Today I am going to rank every currently operating roller coaster in Coney Island as of the 2021 season from worst to best. I am not including the kiddie coasters as they are all relatively equal and would be ranked last really just for being kiddie coasters. This includes Mini Mouse, Sea Serpent, Skyflyer, and Circus Coaster. This leaves six roller coasters.

6. Thunderbolt

Thunderbolt Roller Coaster Inversion Luna Park Coney Island New York

This is one of the newest roller coasters located on Coney Island, and it is the newest full-scale coaster in Luna Park. It has a great layout that makes a lot out of a very small plot of land fitting in four inversions, airtime hills, and a verticle lift hill.

What holds this coaster back is how incredibly rough it is. A coaster this new should not be as rough as this coaster really is. Every element shakes through every single element making it difficult to enjoy any of the forces they offer. This makes what could be a nice mid-tier coaster into one of the weaker coasters on Coney Island.

5. Soaring Eagle

Soaring Eagle Ride Vehicles in Station Roller Coaster Luna Park Coney Island Brooklyn New York

Soaring Eagle is a Zamperla Volare flying coaster that was relocated to Luna Park from Elitch Gardens in 2011. This roller coaster model had relatively few models built, and that is for very good reason. From the first turn, it becomes incredibly apparent that the only thing this roller coaster is going to offer the rider is near-constant pain.

Every turn, inversion, and drop bangs you into the restraints in an incredibly painful manner, and due to the ride's incredibly repetitive layout, once you go through the elements once, you realize you are going to be going through that same pain multiple times. The only way to even slightly enjoy this is to hold yourself in place and not allow your body to move, which is not a pleasant experience in itself.

It is not a good layout, and the trains are the worst of any ride I have ever been on.

4. The Tickler

The Tickler Spinning Roller Coaster Luna Park Coney Island

The Tickler is a classic spinning wild mouse style roller coaster like that found at many amusement parks around the country and world. But there is a reason that it has been cloned so many times. It is a reliable classic that provides a lot of fun.

This is also one of the smoother of these coasters that I have ridden, with comfortable restraints, and relatively tame turns without the jerkiness of many other versions of the same ride.

3. Steeplechase

Steeplechase Roller Coaster Luna Park Coney Island

Steeplechase is the launched roller coaster at Luna Park. It also features special motorbike-style ride vehicles themed after horses. It begins by turning out of the station onto a launch track before stopping for a countdown launch.

After the launch, the ride continues through a series of small hills and turns, all of which are designed for the ride vehicles, which allow you to feel the forces of the ride throughout your entire body. It is a family coaster, but it is much better than most of a similar quality.

2. Phoenix

Phoenix Suspended Roller Coaster Coney Island New For 2021 Deno's Wonder Wheel

Phoenix is the newest roller coaster on Coney Island and the biggest located at Deno's Wonder Wheel. This suspended family coaster is new for 2021 and it easily ends up placing in the top 2 roller coasters on all of Coney Island.

First, it has a striking color scheme that sets it apart from the mass of rides throughout Coney Island. Next, it has incredibly comfortable seats and restraints. Finally, the layout is just the right mix of family-friendly and intense elements that it should be perfect for riders of all ages.

This ride is a modern thrilling coaster that gave Deno's Wonder Wheel a must-do attraction and Coney Island one of the best rides in its history.

1. Cyclone

Cyclone Coney Island Classic Roller Coaster Brooklyn New York 2021

Cyclone is the oldest roller coaster on Coney Island. This iconic roller coaster is one of the most famous in the world, inspiring numerous copycat rides, and being one of the most historic coasters still standing today.

Almost 100 years after it was initially built this coaster still lives up to its hype.

Featuring steel supports and a wooden track, this ride provides a classic wooden coaster style experience with a wonderful layout. It is filled with forceful airtime hills and smooth turns while providing amazing views of the surrounding area.

The ride vehicles are also the most comfortable out of any coaster I have ever been on, new or old, with incredibly padded seats and a very comfortable lap bar that allows you to feel forces stronger than on most modern restraints.

This ride is still an unmissable experience to this day, and it is still the top coaster on Coney Island to this day.