Review: Grilled Cheese Sandwich at Brickbeard's Food Market in Legoland New York

Legoland New York

Grilled Cheese Sandwich Brickbeard's Food Market Legoland New York

Brickbeard's Food Mart is one of the best places to eat at Legoland New York theme park in Goshen New York, and it features some great offerings. One of the best things to eat at this restaurant is the Grilled Cheese.

This grilled cheese is created fresh at the park for your order, meaning the cheese is still melting when you order it.

Brickbeard's Food Market Grilled Cheese Legoland New York

The cheese is incredibly flavorful, mixing the tastes of different types of cheese in a way that strengthens the flavor. It is served hot and melts the moment it hits your tongue, leaking with its strong taste.

The bread meanwhile, while cooked, is still soft enough to melt in with the cheese in your mouth, with the crust serving as a welcome harder crunch to complete the dish. While the bread is mostly without flavor, its texture is a perfect complement to the wonderful cheese which is more than flavorful enough for the entire dish.

The major drawback to this dish is that it is not a large serving size, especially given the cost of the sandwich. It should be enough for most children, but if you are an adult, or if your child simply has a bigger appetite, you may want to consider purchasing something else at the restaurant to go along with it, such as a side of fries or one of the deserts. There are also plenty of great snacks to enjoy throughout the park that you could also enjoy if you want to spread out your meals throughout the park.

Brickbeard's Food Market Entrance Legoland New York

If you are planning on eating at Brickbeard's Food Market on your next trip to Legoland New York, the grilled cheese is a wonderful choice.