10 Best Songs Added to Disney Broadway Musical Adaptations


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Disney has been producing musicals on Broadway since the 1990s and each adaptation of one of their films has added original songs in addition to the music featured in the original movie. Often these songs can be just as good if not better than the original songs.

So here is a rundown of 10 of the best songs added to the Broadway versions of Disney musicals. It is only going to include adaptations of Disney films that have run on Broadway, not entirely original musicals produced by Disney like Aida. The list is presented in no particular order.

She's In Love

This song, added to the Broadway version of The Little Mermaid, gives Ariel's sisters and Flounder a chance to shine in their own standout song, with an incredibly catch refrain showcasing characters who are never given a chance to shine in the original movie. It perfectly fits in with the rest of the music from the movie and is one of the most recognizable original songs from the production.

Who Better Than Me

The Broadway production of Tarzan included a variety of original music by the original songwriter from the movie Phil Colins, and one of the best of these new songs was Who Better Than Me. This song, a duet between Terk (who is male in this version of the show) and Tarzan helps showcase their friendship in the original song and its reprise. It's a great addition to the show and it helps grow the relationship between two of its most famous characters.

What Do You Know About Love

The Broadway adaptation of Frozen added a myriad of original music, and one of the best new songs was a duet between Princess Anna and Kristoff. This song is a great comedic way to introduce their relationship and features a lot of fun jokes, harmonies, and physicality. It was a great moment to add a song, and it is wonderfully performed by original Broadway cast members Jelani Alladin and Patti Murin.

A Change In Me

Added partway through the original run of Beauty and the Beast on Broadway, for the run of Toni Braxton as Belle, this show added a standout number for Belle in act two, summarizing her emotional journey throughout the show. This song actually improved the show and has remained a part of the musical since this moment, becoming one of the stage adaptations most famous original songs.

Her Voice

Her Voice is the main song performed by Prince Eric in the stage version of The Little Mermaid, and it allows him to have a more developed character in this version of the show, making the relationship between him and Ariel feel more complete. It is a wonderful ballad that is a strong addition to an already strong score.

They Live In You

The Lion King has been Disney's biggest Broadway hit, and it features a large number of great original songs, but one of the best is They Live In You. Sung originally by Mufasa, with a reprise (He Lives In You) sung later in the show by Rafiki. This song adds a lot of emotional weight to the show and was a perfect addition to the show, contributing to the themes of loss and legacy that are at the center of The Lion King.


The Broadway production of Frozen added a lot of great original songs, and one of the real standouts is Monster. This song, a solo for Elsa in act two, gives her a powerful moment amid the attack on her castle as she contemplates her role in the struggle that Arendelle is going through, working as something of a second Let It Go in the show. This song has been wonderfully performed by everyone to step into the role on stage and it is a great reason to see the show on stage.

If I Can't Love Her

If I Can't Love her is a song written for Beast for the original Broadway production of Beauty and the Beast, and it allows the audience a chance to understand the Beast and his motivations early in the show. It is one of the strongest moments in the show and is the earliest example of how Disney's Broadway shows could add songs and make moments better than they were in the movie they were based on.

That's Rich

That's Rich is one of the original songs added to the stage adaptation of Newsies. Fitting into a small comedic moment in a show filled with big dance production numbers this song stands out in a score filled with iconic musical numbers. It is different than anything else in the show and provides some nice comedic relief and a calm moment away from the energy of the rest of Newsies.


Shadowland is one of many songs added to The Lion King for its Broadway run and it completely changes massive parts of the story in a way that makes them more adult and deeper than the original movie. It positions Nala in a more active role in the story, and relates the struggle of the lion pride to more human oppression. Shadowland is an emotional and powerful song that gives Nala a vital role in the storyline while contributing to the broader themes of the show.