What Oliver and Company Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

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Dodger Sitting On Top of a Taxi Cab Oliver and Company

Oliver and Company is an underrated Disney classic animated film that reimagined a classic Charles Dickens story to take place in then modern-day New York City that would make a wonderful addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms.

So here is my speculation on what a Disney Magic Kingdoms update based on Oliver and Company might look like. This is not based on any current rumors or speculation, just my own thoughts on what the game might add based on the film.

Due to its more cult classic-like status in the Disney canon, I would assume that this is going to be a permanent content update, as limited-time events and mini-events are normally saved for newer and popular films. This likely means fewer overall characters.

So because of this, I'm going to discuss the characters in the order I think they would be added to the game.

Oliver Looking Scared Oliver and Company Disney

The first and most obvious would be Oliver the cat. He is the title character and the biggest character in the film.

The next character I think definitively would be added would be Dodger. While Oliver is the title character, Dodger is by far the most iconic due to singing the most famous song from the movie. He and Oliver are a pair for most of the movie that would make a great addition to the game just on their own.

Beyond those two, I think that there are two characters about equally likely to come to the game. They would be Jenny and Georgette, her dog. They end up being Oliver's family at the conclusion of the movie and are the largest characters outside of Fagin's gang, which just has too many members to all make it in the game.

Beyond these, I think the only characters with a chance to make it in the game would be some of Fagin's gang or Fagin himself. But as this would probably be a smaller update I don't think the update would be big enough to add all of them, as that would make it larger than a typical limited-time event.

Georgette Doge Oliver and Company Disney

What characters would you like to see added to Disney Magic Kingdoms game from Oliver and Company? Let us know in the comments below!


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