Astro Orbiter Magic Kingdom Guide

Astro Orbiter Ride Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Opening Date (Original Version): November 28th, 1974

Opening Date (Current Version): April 30th, 1994

Astro Orbiter is one of three Dumbo-style spinners located at the Magic Kingdom. Found on top of the Peoplemover loading platform, this attraction gives you an amazing view of Tomorrowland and the entire park from above as you ride in a circle on board a rocket ship-style ride vehicle high above the rest of the park.

Thrill Rating 4/10

While the ride itself is quite calm, no more intense than Dumbo, the height of this attraction may be frightening to those who are afraid of heights, meaning some may want to skip this ride.


Tron Lightcycle Run Roller Coaster From Astro Orbiter Magic Kingdom Disney World

View From Astro Orbiter Ride Tomorrowland Magic Kingdom Disney World