WESTCOT's Future World: Disneyland's Never Built Westcot

Disneyland's Never Built Westcot

Westcot Disney Concept Art

Westcot was intended to be a reimagined version of Epcot designed to fit in a smaller area of land. Due to this, they could not build the sprawling pavilions of the original park in Walt Disney World. For World Showcase this meant focusing on continents and regions rather than countries. For Future World this meant redesigning the pavilions to fit into fewer overall buildings while still holding roughly the same number of attractions.

Future World was focused on the same theme as the land of the same name from Epcot Center, but rather than including individual pavilions for each of the attractions, they would all be held in less buildings tied around broader themes. Significantly this would involve certain pavilions being combined, such as The Land and Seas pavilions from Epcot being incorporated into one pavilion for Westcot involving elements from both.

Most of the rides would have been clones or updated versions of the original Future World dark rides, merely existing in a different context. The one significant departure would have been including a reimagined Adventures Through Inner Space style ride in the new park to be known as Cosmic Journeys as the main ride not directly inspired by a rid found at Epcot.

In the coming weeks, this series will further explore each of these individual ride concepts in greater detail.

The centerpiece of this land, like at Epcot, would still be a giant geodesic sphere, although it would be significantly different, being much larger and located at the center of the land. It would also be titled Spacestation Earth rather than Spaceship Earth to differentiate it from the original park's icon.

Had this been built it stands to reason that many of the classic Future World rides might still be around today, as Disney had already paid for and designed updated versions for their new park. Perhaps Dreamfinder and Figment, Horizons, and more might still be entertaining guests at not only Westcot, but the original Epcot, had this park been built as planned.

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