What Hunchback of Notre Dame Characters Should Be Added To Disney Magic Kingdoms?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Quasimodo Singing Out There Disney Hunchback of Notre Dame Animation

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is an iconic Disney take on a classic piece of literature that is unlike any animated movie they have made before or since. It would make an amazing update to Disney Magic Kingdoms.

But what would an update based on this classic animated film look like? Here I speculate on what a potential Hunchback of Notre Dame-themed update to Disney Magic Kingdom would look like, including what characters and attractions could be added.

This is not based on any current information or rumors, just speculation based on the game's history.

Disney Magic Kingdoms has added most of the Disney Renaissance films as limited-time events, so this is likely how Hunchback would come to the game as well. This would mean roughly 5-7 characters being added to the game.

There are three characters that are easy choices to be added to the game, and they are Quasimodo, Frollo, and Esmeralda. These are the main three characters, and the ones that most of the plot revolves around, as well as being the most recognizable from the film. If the update is smaller it could include just these characters, but regardless they are easily the most likely to make it into the game.

Beyond them, the most likely character is probably Clopin. He is somewhat the narrator of the film as well as being a major part of the story, and one of the most prominent characters from the film. He easily would be the next most likely character added to the game.

The next most likely character would probably be Phoebus. As Esmeralda's love interest and a foil to Frollo, he would be a great character to add to the game. But his low profile in recent Disney material related to Hunchback makes him somewhat less likely to be added than the characters already discussed.

Beyond these, the most obvious characters would be Victor, Hugo, and Laverne, the three gargoyles of Notre Dame, but as this would then give the game 8 characters, this would have to come at the expense of one of the other characters if they were to be added, as I can't see the game adding less than the entire trio of characters.

There is one other character I think is a possibility to be added to the game, but that would be considerably less likely than those already discussed. That would be Djali, Esmeralda's goat, who could be a good smaller character to round out an event.

Beyond these, there are no characters big enough to be added to the game from the film.

As for attractions, the most obvious choice would be one based on Notre Dame Cathedral itself, as it is the main location of the series. Other significant options could be the Festival of Fools, or a Paris-themed attraction.

This could be an amazing update to the game, and hopefully, these characters come to the game in an update someday soon.