Lightning Racer Racing Wooden Coaster Hersheypark Guide

Hersheypark Guide

Hersheypark Lightning Racer Wooden Roller Coaster Ride Entrance

Opening Date: May 13th, 2000

Lightning Racer is a racing wooden roller coaster located in Hersheypark, featuring two dueling, slightly different, interconnected roller coasters called Thunder and Lightning. This is one of three wooden roller coasters found at the amusement park.


Designer/ Manufacturer: Great Coasters International

Ride Type: Racing Wooden Coaster

Inversions: 0

Thrill Rating 4/10

These two roller coasters are of equal intensity. They are moderately intense and smooth, and anyone able to do average coasters should be able to do this coaster.


Lightning Racer Finish Line Brakes Wooden Roller Coaster Hersheypark

Lighting Racer Roller Coaster Thunder Side Station Hersheypark