What US Parks Could Get a B&M Inverted Family Coaster?

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Great Bear Inverted Roller Coaster Hersheypark

Bolliger and Mabilard have in recent years started building a series of family coasters in China and is planning one in the UK, something it has never really done before in its history. This trend could easily continue into the United States, especially as parks look for inexpensive attractions amid financial problems following the pandemic.

So I am going to speculate as to what parks in the US could get a family-style B&M coaster in the near future.

Legoland New York

Corn Minifigure Statue Legoland New York

One of the upcoming B&M family coasters is set to be built as a part of an upcoming Legoland park in China. If Merlin plans on building this style of attraction at multiple parks, then Legoland New York might make perfect sense.

The hilly park could easily open up a relatively unique layout for a family coaster, and a family inverted coaster, which is the model B&M is primarily using, could be located on land no other attraction could feasibly use and provide the park with a second major coaster. Even on one of the flat expansion pads at the park this could be a great addition for the park's clientele.

Cedar Point

This might seem like a tame coaster for Cedar Point but I could see this fitting in incredibly well in the park's layout. While this park has incredible coasters, it is somewhat light on coasters in the range accessible to children and families.

A B&M family inverted coaster could also be the perfect choice for the landlocked park by allowing it to be located primarily over the park rather than taking up the limited space remaining in the park.

If these start becoming more common, and Cedar Point moves towards adding more mid-tier attractions, this could be a great fit, and Cedar Fair already has a great relationship with B&M.

Great Escape

This is a Six Flags park that desperately needs a new coaster. Now that Six Flags is working with B&M again this could be the perfect place to add a smaller family coaster. It could easily become a standout coaster in the park, and it would be the only inverted B&M coaster anywhere nearby.

While Six Flags does not invest in this park a lot, it could be the perfect place for a major but smaller scale coaster like this.

SeaWorld Orlando

Shamu Show Orca Jumping Out of the Water SeaWorld Orlando Killer Whale Show

SeaWorld loves working with B&M. At SeaWorld Orlando 3 of the 5 (6?) roller coasters are from the company. But they have yet to build a suspended coaster and making a family suspended coaster could be a great addition to the park.

They are making a push for families in recent years with additions like the Seasame Street-themed area and even Ice Breaker to some extent, so this could help further this trend with another major addition to the park.

SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego has been expanding the number of rides in recent years, and unfortunately, their family rides have not had the greatest level of success. A B&M inverted roller coaster for families could provide the park with another major ride and a successful ride for a younger demographic.

The park and chain have consistently worked with B&M so this is certainly a possibility this could happen at some point in the near future.