Review: Pressed Penny Silk Pie at Casey's Corner in the Magic Kingdom

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Pressed Penny Silk Pie at Casey's Corner Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Located at Casey's Corner along Main Street USA is a specially themed chocolate dessert treat themed to one of the most iconic souvenirs at Walt Disney World. The Pressed Penny Silk Pie is a chocolate-flavored dessert treat that can be enjoyed alongside a meal, or on its own from 

This treat is a chocolate tart filled with chocolate filling and topped with whipped cream and a circle of chocolate shaped and colored to look like one of the many pressed pennies that you can get around Walt Disney World.

Casey's Corner Pressed Penny Pie Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

The whipped cream is hardly flavorful but is largely inoffensive, and it encompasses a large portion of the entirety of the dish. Eaten alongside the far better chocolate-flavored portions of the dish, it can be a somewhat sweet and moist addition to the rest of the treat.

Hand Holding Chocolate Pressed Penny Silk Magic Kingdom

The chocolate pices that stick out of the whipped cream have a typical chocolate flavor. It is not paticuarly strong but it fits well within the overal treat.

As for the treat itself is relatively small for the price by Disney standards, and its flavor is not particuarly memorable. It is not bad, but there are far better dessert options throughout the Magic Kingdom.

Magic Kingdom Pressed Penny Silk Pie Casey's Corner Walt Disney World

The Pressed Penny Silk Pie is an average treat in a park of incredible desserts. While it looks great with its creative theming, there are definitly better things to enjoy on a visit to the Magic Kingdom.

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