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Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Blue Milk Drink Disney's Hollywood Studios

One of the highest profile snacks in Star Wars Galaxy's Edge in both Disneyland and Walt Disney World since it opened has been the iconic Blue Milk. This treat recreates the iconic snack enjoyed by various characters in the Star Wars films for the first time in real life.

But how is this Blue Milk? What does it actually taste like and should you try it when you visit Star Wars Galaxy's Edge?

Blue and Green Milk Stand Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Decoration Walt Disney World

Blue Milk at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge is served at a stand specifically dedicated to it and Green Milk. Both can be purchased in either a normal cup or a souvenir cup. The base drink costs $8.49 as of the writing of this article in August 2022, although keep in mind Disney prices are subject to change.

This treat is a sweet and refreshing drink to be enjoyed while wandering Star Wars Galaxy's Edge.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Blue Milk Souvenir Cup Disney's Hollywood Studios

The drink has a fruity flavoring that is incredibly sweet. If you are a fan of fruit flavored slushes then this may be one of the best options for a sweet treat at Disney. It is somewhat of a unique flavor that can only be found in the Disney Parks, at the Milk Stand in either Disney's Hollywood Studios or Disneyland.

The consistency of the drink is similar to that of a slushee, something that is not a common treat in the Disney Parks.

Blue Milk In Souvenir Cup Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Walt Disney World

Blue Milk is almost certainly not for everyone. It is incredibly sweet and not a flavor commonly found in theme park foods that is not something that will have the mass appeal of other famous theme park treats, from ones at Disney like the Dole Whip, to other famous theme park drinks like Butterbeer.

I personally enjoyed the drink going in completely blind to what it tasted like, but it is not a common theme park flavor and it is not for everyone. While I would recommend everyone to try this drink, be aware it might not be something that you would order each visit to the theme park land. I enjoyed it and would probably get it once a vacation, as it is a nice and different refreshing drink that is easy to enjoy while exploring the rest of the park.

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