Review: Disney's All Star Music Family Suite

Disney's All Star Resort

Disney's All Star Music Resort Family Suite Hotel Room

Most standard Walt Disney World hotel rooms are built to hold 4 people, which can make it incredibly difficult to travel as a family or group larger than four, or even if not everyone in the group is willing to share beds without visiting one of Disney's more expensive hotels.

But Disney has begun offering some rooms that accommodate larger groups, offering family suites at multiple Disney Resorts in Walt Disney World, including the All Star Music Family Suite.

Disney's All Star Music Calypso Building Walt Disney World

This suite is only offered at All Star Music, not the other two All Stars, and it honestly may be one of the best deals for a bigger hotel room at Walt Disney World.

Featuring the square footage of two typical All Star rooms, this is a larger suite featuring two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchen, with enough beds to sleep at least six people.

For beds this room features 3 queen beds.

Disney's All Star Music Family Suite Individual Bedroom

One of these beds is a typical queen bed located in its own room, with its own connected bathroom. This individual room also features a chair, foot stool, and TV. This room is also where the room's safe is located.

Disney's All Star Music Family Suite Table and Couch

The other two beds are found in the entrance room and are both pull down beds, with one pulling down over a sofa and the other pulling down over a table. Do be aware that you will need to rearrange some furniture in order to pull these two beds down.

Disney's All Star Music Family Suite Bathroom Walt Disney World

The room with the two double beds also has a TV and is connected to the other of the two bathrooms. Notably this is the only one of the two bathrooms with a tub, although beyond that the two bathrooms are functionally the same apart from slightly different layouts.

Walt Disney World Bathroom Soap and Shampoo Bottles 2022

Each bathroom is equipped with all of the typical essentials found in any Disney hotel, including towels, an assortment of soaps and shampoos, and so on.

Disney's All Star Music Family Suite Kitchen

Now for the last functional area of the room, the kitchen. This features a fridge, sink, and microwave, all of which can be incredibly helpful on a Disney trip. Either they can be utilized to store non Disney food to make meals in the hotel room, or to hold leftovers. Both of these can allow you to save money and time on your trip, and are a major asset in this hotel room.

All Star Music Family Suite Goofy and Donald Art Walt Disney World

As for decorations, this room is not the most decorated Disney hotel. It mainly only features a few pieces of artwork on the walls, but even these are few and far between. If you are looking for a lot of Disney magic in your hotel room this one may not be for you, but it is by no means unpleasant and what decorations there are definitely compliment the room.

These rooms are also located in the closest two buildings to the lobby of the resort, offering you easy access to the pool, restaurant, shop, and bus transportation.

In terms of value, based on the typical price of this hotel room, it is one of the best deals for your money that Disney offers, allowing you a big room for the cheapest possible amount. It is less per night than its main comparable suite, the family suites at Art of Animation, while offering many of the same amenities.

The main drawback compared to the Art of Animation family suites is the lack of access to the Disney Skyliner. This is a major advantage of Disney's Art of Animation Resort as the All Stars only has access to bus transportation.

If you are a larger group looking for a budget friendly room at Walt Disney World, or just looking for some extra space, then the All Star Music family suite may be a great option for your next trip.

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