The Biggest Disney Parks Rumors That Could Be Announced at D23 Expo

Tomorrowland at Night Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Prior to every D23 Expo, Disney fan circles begin discussing various different rumors about what is coming to the Disney Parks. Obviously, not all of them end up being true, but each event a large number of them end up actually being announced.

So here are some of the biggest rumors circulating in regards to the Disney Parks in the month prior to D23, that could potentially end up being announced at the event in the Disney Parks panel.

Dinoland USA Replacement

Dinoland USA Cementasaurous Disney's Animal Kingdom

One of the biggest currently rumored Disney projects is a replacement for some or all of Dinoland USA at Disney's Animal Kingdom. While the exact nature of the new land or attractions replacing some or all of the land has been in flux (the two main rumors are about Indiana Jones and Zootopia) this has been a growing rumor since one of the rides in this land, Primeval Whirl, was removed during the Pandemic.

The exact announcement regarding this land could be one of a number of things, involving replacing the entire land or just portions of it, but it is a growing rumor that is one of few major projects with a degree of a chance to be announced at this event.

Disneyland Forward Next Steps

Disneyland Forward is a massive proposed expansion for both theme parks of the Disneyland Resort. While the attractions announced for it are not final, it would represent massive new lands in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. But this project requires a level of approval from the city of Anaheim, approval that has not been granted as far as the public knowns.

There is always a chance though that negotiations have continued behind the scenes and Disney has something ready to announce as a part of D23 regarding the future of this project at some level.

Splash Mountain Closing/ Tiana's Bayou Adventure

Tiana's Bayou Adventure now has an opening timeframe, but nothing is known about when Splash Mountain will be closing in Disneyland or the Magic Kingdom. This seems to be one of the most likely announcements for D23.

Either receiving new information and concept art for Tiana's Bayou Adventure, or the closing date for Splash Mountain, or both, seem like two possible announcements.

Returning Entertainment

The Disney Parks are still not back to normal from the pandemic, and one of the biggest rumors for D23 is that significant entertainment offerings will be announced to be coming back to the parks for the first time in years. This could be anything from the Main Street Trolley Show, to the Paint The Night Parade, to Magic Happens, to many character experiences, and more.

On top of this, there are rumors that Happily Ever After may return following the Walt Disney World 50th anniversary celebration, which could also feasibly be announced at D23.

Further Epcot Projects

The Epcot redesign is nearing its end, so it is worth wondering if Epcot will receive any further love at D23, especially considering several major projects for the park were canceled or indefinitely delayed as a result of the pandemic.

Projects like the Spaceship Earth update and the Marry Poppins ride are the two main questions here, as they are the most major projects that have not received any progress on them in the last few years.

There is also always the longshot chance the long-running fan rumor of an updated Figment ride actually amounts to anything, but this is by no means likely.

Rock N Roller Coaster Retheme

This rumor has been growing in recent years with various different proposed replacements. In general, this rumor stipulates that Disney's contract with AEROSMITH is nearing its end, which would necessitate the retheme of this famous Disney roller coaster.

Originating from a now altered New York Times article, this has been growing for years, although there has never been a consistent rumor on what the replacement will be. But as the Disneyland Paris version of the ride has now been replaced, this is definitely a possibility.

Tomorrowland/ Peoplemover Rumors

Tomorrowland Entrance Disneyland

There are a lot of rumors floating around for major refurbishments of Tomorrowland at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland, although the rumors for each park are significantly different.

In Disneyland, there are rumors about the return of the Peoplemover to the park. The Peoplemover used to operate in Disneyland until the 1990s when it was replaced by the short lived Rocket Rods ride which used the same track for a thrill ride. This attraction closed quickly after apparently having caused damage to the track. Since then the track has been left abandoned, with rumors stating it could no longer hold a ride due to the damage from Rocket Rods. The rumors of the Peoplemover coming back have been around for years, but never as strong as they are now.

Rumors also exist for the removal of the Star Wars Launch Bay building, which would be replaced by an unknown project.

In the Magic Kingdom, the rumors have largely been about changes to existing attractions, such as updates to the Carousel of Progress, Tomorrowland Speedway, and Space Mountain. While not as strong as the Disneyland rumors, these also exist and are often presented alongside the Disneyland rumors with the portential that a Tomorrowland refurbishment may be announced for both coasts.

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