Review: Banana Pudding at Regal Eagle Smokehouse Epcot Walt Disney World

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Regal Eagle Smokehouse Banana Pudding Epcot Walt Disney World

Dessert options at all the parks of Walt Disney World are plentiful, and that is especially true at Epcot, with the entirety of the World Showcase opening up the ability to try various desserts from a vast number of countries, especially if you happen to be visiting during one of Epcot's festivals.

But how do America's deserts measure up in a park with such strong competition? Let's look at just one of the offerings at the American Adventure Pavilion in Epcot, the Banana Pudding at Regal Eagle Smokehouse.

The Banana Pudding at Regal Eagle Smokehouse is one of a limited selection of desserts at Regal Eagle Smokehouse and it is a strong offering that holds its own against many of the other sweet offerings found in the different countries of the World Showcase.

Served in a small plastic cup, this pudding is served topped with whipped cream, caramel, and nilla wafers.

Banana Pudding Regal Eagle Smokehouse Dessert Epcot Walt Disney World

This is a thick pudding filled with chunks of bananas, which makes the small portion size incredibly filling. Being as filling as it is, makes this pudding a wonderful option for the price, and it compliments the meal options at this restaurant incredibly well.

The Banana Pudding is incredibly sweet and creamy, and it is served cold making for a refreshing treat to enjoy on a hot day exploring Epcot.

There are many adventurous and safe dessert options to enjoy throughout the World Showcase. But if you are looking for something American to enjoy from the host nation of Epcot, then the Banana Pudding at Regal Eagle Smokehouse can be a good option.

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