Grey Stuff Review Red Rose Tavern Disneyland

Grey Stuff Desert Red Rose Tavern Disneyland

Grey Stuff is one of the most iconic items of food from any Disney movie, and it has found its way into the Disney Parks. But it is different in each park it is found in.

In Disneyland, this treat is found in the Red Rose Tavern counter service restaurant, which is themed based on both the original Beauty and the Beast animated film as well as the live-action remake of the original.

The treat itself is a wonderful dish that is a must-try for any frequent visitor to Disneyland.

It is an oreo tasting treat covered in sprinkles on top of a thin cookie. Inside the mousse-like covering that makes up the majority of the treat you will find a red velvet cake and a whole raspberry hidden inside which gives the treat a bit of complexity in its flavors.

Red Rose Tavern Beauty and The Beast Cabinet Decorations Disneyland

The flavors are wonderful on their own as well as in combination making for a refreshing Disneyland treat that is the perfect end to any of the great meal options at the Red Rose Tavern.