What Chicken Little Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Chicken Little Pointing With Abby Mallard Characters in the Magic Kingdom Disney World

Chicken Little is a classic Disney film based on the fairy tale of the same name that has yet to be added to Disney Magic Kingdoms.

I am going to try to speculate on which characters get added to the game when eventually an update comes to the game based on the film.

I think the most likely characters to be added to the game would be the main group of four characters from the film.

Chicken Little Signing Autographs on Main Street USA Magic Kingdom Disney World

Chicken Little is the title character and the most obvious addition as he is the main character of the film.

Abby Mallard Signing Autographs With Cinderella Castle Behind Her Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Next would be Abby Mallard who is probably the next biggest character as well as being Chicken Little's love interest.

The next two, Fish and Runt would then round out the main group and ensure the main characters all got added.

Chicken Little and Abby Mallard Holding Hands on Main Street USA Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Honestly, this could be the entire update. Chicken Little is not the most popular Disney film, and moderately popular Disney films like this typically end up as smaller permanent content updates. But we are going to guess who the next few characters could be if the update is slightly bigger.

Next, I would assume would be one of the aliens. They are such a big part of the film I could see one becoming a character, although I could also see them becoming an attraction or parade float as well due to being a group of characters.

I do not think any other characters have a good chance of getting added to the game just because of the popularity of the film. As a smaller update, there just aren't other characters that I think are popular enough to warrant adding an additional character.

For attractions, there is nothing in the parks to provide inspiration, so anything would have to be inspired solely by the film. The two scenes I think would work best as an attraction would be the aliens and the town center.

Chicken Little Character In Town Square Main Street USA Magic Kingdom Walt Disney World

Chicken Little is a fun film that would make for an interesting update to Disney Magic Kingdoms.


  1. Chicken Little Needs To Be Added!!!

  2. Runt Of The Litter And Fish Out Of Water Will Be Premium Characters!!!

  3. Chicken Little Abby Runt Fish Turkey Lurkey Foxy Buck


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