What Avatar Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Underneath the Floating Mountains Pandora World of Avatar Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Avatar is the highest-grossing film of all time, and now owned by Disney and a major part of their parks, with two amazing attractions in the Pandora World of Avatar land in Disney's Animal Kingdom. With multiple sequels on the way, it could be a good addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms.

Today I am speculating what characters should be added if the game adds an update based on this hit film and/ or the land in Walt Disney World.

While this film is huge, it has relatively few significant characters. Because of this, I think it would be a somewhat smaller update.

Navi Avatar Audio Animatronic Flight of Passage Queue Line Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

The best bets for characters I think are some of the biggest Navi characters.

This could include Jake Sulley, the main character of the first film, in either his human or Avatar form, with potentially both available through costumes.

Shaman of Songs Wishables Plus Pandora World of Avatar

Next would be the two main surviving Navi characters from the end of the first film, Neytiri and Mo'at. It would make sense for both a male (Jake) and female Navi to be added to the game, and they both make sense for different reasons. Neytiri makes sense for the storyline, but Mo'at would give the game a shaman, which is one of the most iconic parts of Avatar in the Disney Parks.

Light Blue Banshee Wishables Plush Pandora World of Avatar

Beyond these, I think the rest of the characters added would be the various wildlife animals of Pandora. There are so many creatures that could be added, most notably the Ikran, or Banshee, that not including any would be a huge oversight.

Now let us shift over to attractions. The two rides of Pandora would be the most obvious additions and each make great additions to the game. Flight of Passage and Navi River Journey are both great rides that would be fun to see in the game.

Plants in Pandora World of Avatar Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

I could also see an attraction being added based on the wildlife and scenery of Pandora, like a floating islands attraction. It is the most striking element of the film and would be fun to see implemented.

The only other attraction I can imagine would be one based on the military equipment utilized in the film. This is a major element of the film, and while not featured in the Disney Parks, it could be part of an update based on the film.

Avatar is a modern classic that would make a good addition to Disney Magic Kingdoms.