Splash Mountain Disneyland Evacuation

Disney Adventurer

When you're at a Disney park everything seems perfect. No trash, perfectly recreated environments, which makes it somewhat special when something goes wrong.

I am somewhat strange in that I actively hope I break down on a ride. I have found evacuations on Disney rides, or riding through the rest of the ride with the lights on to be some of the best experiences I have had at the parks (except Test Track where I was stuck sideways for a significant period of time).

Splash Mountain Cast Member During Evacuation Disneyland

Evacuations are rare and one of the ones I have experienced was on Disneyland's Splash Mountain. This evacuation happened very early in the ride but still brought me backstage.

I had not even gone up the first lift hill but was far enough that the log couldn't be emptied back in the station and had to be evacuated along the ride path.

Splash Mountain Backstage Evacuation Disneyland

By no means was this the most eventful evacuation but at the very least it brought me through a few unthemed backstage hallways inside the mountain.

Splash Mountain Evacuation Stairway Disneyland

This then brought my log group to a stairway where we returned to the park, and were given reentry passes for when the ride reopened later that day.

Splash Mountain Drop Disneyland

What ride evacuations have you experienced at the Disney Parks? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!