Review: Nitro Hyper Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure

Six Flags Great Adventure

Nitro Train Leaving The Station Six Flags Great Adventure Roller Coaster

Nitro is the hyper coaster located at Six Flags Great Adventure. Found in the Adventure Seaport section of the park and featuring a height of 230 feet and a track length of over 5000 feet, it is one of the most massive roller coasters at the park in terms of its scale.

This roller coaster, built by Bolliger and Mabillard, features a yellow, blue, and purple color scheme and it features an out and back style layout in the shape of the letter L filled with both banked turns and airtime hills.

The ride features a massive train of 9 rows of four across with a maximum capacity of 36 riders per each train. The ride can run up to 3 trains at the same time.

Nitro Roller Coaster Train Six Flags Great Adventure

The layout begins with a U-shaped drop which turns the ride around into its massive lift hill. You then slowly climb up to the maximum height of the ride.

Unlike most B&M roller coasters this ride does not have a predrop, instead immediately going into its biggest drop of 215 feet. After reaching a speed of 80 miles per hour, the ride begins climbing its next hill, which turns to the left.

After dropping from the peak of this hill, the ride then climbs the first major traditional airtime hill, which provides the strongest forces in the layout so far.

The ride then enters a banked hill turnaround element to the right which sends the ride back the way it came from.

After this the ride enters another airtime-filled hill with somewhat less intense forces than the last one of its kind on the layout.

The ride then enters a helix-filled section of the ride which creates strong lateral forces switching up the forces felt during the ride experience from just the airtime that most of the layout is focused on creating for the riders.

Following this helix is the mid-course brake run, which slows the train down dramatically for the remainder of the course.

The ride then moves through a series of smaller airtime hills before entering the final brakes and reentering the station.

Nitro Hyper Coaster Lift Hill Six Flags Great Adventure

This roller coaster is mainly focused on airtime and it is the main steel roller coaster focused on airtime at Six Flags Great Adventure. It is then shocking how much it fails to deliver on this airtime throughout the ride.

Most hyper coasters like this immediately begin with airtime hills, and this ride loses a lot by the nature of its layout, instead featuring a curved hill as the first element after the drop. This then causes the ride to have already lost a certain level of speed by the time it reaches its first hill designed for airtime. Pretty much any ride of the same type does its job better in the first half of the ride.

The ride's best element by far is the helix section. This ride has the strongest positive gs that I have felt on a coaster of its type and it is certainly the highlight of the entire ride. The ride still has quite a bit of speed at this section especially considering it is before the brakes, and it allows it to naturally slow down a bit, lessening the impact of the brakes when you do hit them.

The final few airtime hills are not the strongest but do provide a nice last little bit of airtime.

Nitro Roller Coaster Entrance Sign Six Flags Great Adventure

Overall this is a really good coaster, but the somewhat awkward layout keeps it from being a top-tier ride. It is certainly a must-do ride at the park and easily one of the best rides at the park, giving Six Flags Great Adventure a wonderful thrilling non inverting roller coaster.