Banshee King's Island Planet Coaster Recreation

Planet Coaster

Banshee Lift Hill Roller Coaster Recreation Planet Coaster King's Island

Banshee is a inverted B&M roller coaster that is currently found at King's Island amusement park, featuring 7 inversions and tons of thrills.

Banshee Loop Over Lifthill Planet Coaster Recreation King's Island Roller Coaster

The ride is notable for its signature element, a loop over the lift hill.

Today we feature a recreation of this modern hit roller coaster witnin the game Planet Coaster, including a full POV above.

Banshee Recreation Planet Coaster Helix King's Island Suspended Roller Coaster

This ride replaced the less than beloved Son of Beast with a hit ride that visitors to the park still enjoy everyday.

Inversion Planet Coaster Banshee Recreation King's Island


  1. im sorry bad you need to retrack some areas


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