What Marvel Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Captain America Disney California Adventure Character Disneyland

One of the few Disney franchises that Disney Magic Kingdoms has not added to the game yet is the Marvel Cinematic Universe. If it were to come to the game, there are so many characters that it could only add the absolute best of the best.

So I am going to speculate on what characters would be added to the game assuming the update is a normal-sized limited-time event, which would include 7 new characters.

Hawkeye Character In Disney California Adventure Disneyland

The first characters I think would be added would be the original Avengers team. Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye, Thor, and Black Widow are still the most iconic from the series and would probably be the first added to the game, although similar to Star Wars I would assume there would be multiple updates eventually to bring more characters.

Thor in Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Also sticking to the Avengers would make it easier for later updates to follow other teams in the future, like a potential Guardians of the Galaxy update.

But this still leaves one more character to be added, and I can see two real potential options for this final slot.

The first is Loki. As it would be a superhero update, it would make sense that it would have to include a supervillain. Loki is the most famous and longest-lasting villain in the MCU and would be a great addition, especially with his Disney Plus series keeping him relevant.

Spiderman Holding a Map in Disney California Adventure Disneyland

The only other character I can see maybe filling that last spot, or even appearing in place of one of the initial Avengers is Spiderman.

Spiderman has always been one of if not the most popular Marvel superheroes, so I can certainly see him ending up in the first Marvel-themed update to the game. He also has his own ride in Avengers Campus which could lead to him getting added so this ride could be in the update.

There are many other Marvel characters worth adding to the game (Black Panther, Wanda, Falcon/ Captain America, etc) but I think the above would be a good start, allowing the game to do a shortened version of the MCU in order.

Marvel is a major part of Disney and might make a perfect series of updates to Disney Magic Kingdoms.