Top 4 Myths About Walt Disney

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Walt Disney is the many behind so many of the most iconic characters of all time, and because of this he has become a larger than life figure with many strange myths and legends developed around him and his fame.

Today we are going to dispel four of those myths about the many who gave us everything from Mickey Mouse to Disneyland.

4. Extremist Views

For some reason, a major myth about Walt is that he supported various horrific extremist ideologies like that of Nazi Germany and was an antisemite. There is no public evidence of these claims, and a lot of evidence would in fact suggest the contrary. He used his studio to develop anti-Nazi propaganda, including famously a Donald Duck cartoon that won an oscar, all attempting to help defeat the regime in his own way. This isn't to see he definitively wasn't one as many secretly were at the time, there just isn't definitive proof either way.

3. Famous Quote

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While Walt Disney himself said many famous quotes over his lifetime, one that is commonly attributed to him just simply is not true. The quote "If you can dream it you can do it" was in fact not originally said by Walt, but created for Epcot attraction Horizons. Disney itself though has attributed this quote to him in some instances, adding to the confusion.

2. Haunted Mansion

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People seem to believe that one of the talking heads in the classic Disney attraction the Haunted Mansion is in fact Walt himself. This is not true, but the head incorrectly attributed to him is in fact another celebrity of the time, Thurl Ravenscroft. Outside of Disney, he is most known for singing "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" and being the voice of Tony The Tiger.

1. Frozen Head

Despite many rumors his head, or even his entire body were cryogenically frozen, this is in fact not true. After he died, Walt Disney's body was cremated and a private ceremony was held honoring his life. So any rumors of the location of his frozen body are simply not true.