What 101 Dalmatians Characters Should Disney Magic Kingdoms Add?

Disney Magic Kingdoms

Cruella De Vil Character Main Street USA Disneyland

With Cruella coming out later this year, it would be the perfect time for Disney Magic Kingdoms to add characters from 101 Dalmatians to the game. So we are going to speculate as to which characters from the film could get added to the game.

Now, older Disney films are typically added as permanent content updates, especially recently, with limited time content typically being reserved for the Disney Reinassance and new Disney films. So I'm going to guess this would be a smaller permanent content update, meaning fewer overall characters coming to the game.

Cruella De Vil Character Signing Autographs Disneyland

Now, the most obvious character to add would be Cruella De Vil. She is the most iconic character from the film, and with her own spin-off live-action film coming out this year, not including her would be a huge oversight.

Her car could also be a perfect attraction for the game, especially as they have nothing in the Disney Parks to work with.

Beyond this, the next most obvious characters would be the two parent Dalmatians, Pongo, and Perdita. They are two of the biggest characters in the film and it would not make sense to add only one of them or not include either.

Honestly, this could be the entire event. There could easily be a storyline featuring just Cruella trying to capture the two of them, but let us assume the update is a little bigger, and speculate on who the next couple of characters could be.

The next character I think would be added would be one of the Dalmation children. I am not going to try to predict one, but Lucky and Patch seem like two likely guesses to me.

Beyond this the only characters I think have a chance of getting added are Roger and Anita, owners of the dalmatians. I would think they are the least likely of getting added due to being largely disconnected from the main events of the film, but if the event is bigger they could certainly be a part of the update.

What characters would you want to be added in a potential 101 Dalmatians-themed update to Disney Magic Kingdoms? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!