10 Facts and Secrets About Goofy's Sky School at Disney California Adventure

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Goofy's Sky School Roller Coaster Ride Vehicle Disney California Adventure Disneyland

Goofy's Sky School is a fun roller coaster located in the Paradise Gardens Park section of Disney California Adventure based on classic Goofy animated cartoons.

In honor of this Disney ride, we are sharing 10 of its secrets.

1. Muholland Madness

When Disney California Adventure first opened, this coaster was not themed based on Goofy, but instead California highways.

2. 1940

This ride is based on the 1940 Goofy animated short film Goofy's Glider.

3. Paradise Gardens Park

This ride was one of the few attractions to survive the transition to Pixar Pier, becoming a part of Paradise Gardens Park.

4. Big Al

Goofy's Sky School Queue Cork Board Disney California Adventure Disneyland

In the queue line, you can find a letter exchange between Goofy and Big Al talking about moonshine.

5. How To

The ride features elements that tie the roller coaster to the how-to format of many classic Goofy cartoons.

6. Single Rider

Goofy's Sky School Poster Disney California Adventure

Be aware that during normal times this ride has a single rider line.

7. Walls

To keep the noise out of neighboring areas like the Grand Californian Resort, much of this ride is surrounded by walls.

8. Clone

Goofy's Sky School Disney California Adventure Disneyland

This ride is not unique, and identical copies (minus the Goofy theming) can be found in parks around the world.

9. Loose Articles

This ride has a very strict loose articles policy, and they will not let you up the lift hill if you have anything in your hands.

10. Rebrand

Goofy's Sky School Coaster Disney California Adventure

This ride was rethemed to incorporate Goofy as a part of the larger rebrand of the entire Disney California Adventure park.