10 Fun Facts About Dinoland USA at Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Chester and Hester's Dinorama Sign Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Dinoland USA is one of the lands at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Taking place in a fictional American town built around a dig site, it features one of the best rides in the park, and has an incredibly detailed backstory.

In tribute to this land, we are sharing 10 facts and secrets about Dinoland USA.

1. Insititute

Dino Institute Trash Can Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

Much of the land ties into the city being a college town, filled with businesses owned by the college and others run by college students.

2. Museum

Dinosaur Blue Queue Line Room Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

The main ride of the land, Dinosaur, is set inside a museum that has become outdated due to the discovery of time travel.

3. Dinobash

The park is currently home to a celebration featuring several characters from the Donald Duck universe as well as Chip and Dale dressed in special dinosaur-themed outfits.

Launchpad McQuack Character Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom

4. McDonald's

Much of the land was originally sponsored by McDonald's. There was a location of the fast-food chain in the land, as well as references to it in the attractions. There were even exclusive toys made for the land.

5. Lost Coaster

This land was originally set to get a roller coaster known tentatively as the Excavator that would have been located inside a fossil dig site.

6. Film Connection

Aladar Statue Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

The main ride of Dinoland USA is partially based on the Disney film Dinosaur.

7. Parody

Primeval Whirl Roller Coaster Disney's Animal Kingdom Dinorama

The former attraction in this land Primeval Whirl was actually a parody of another ride in the land, Dinosaur. It told the same story in the style of a tourist trap roadside attraction.

8. Backstory

Dinoland USA Entrance Archway Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

This land is themed as a fictional roadside stop with a real tourist destination (the Dino Institute) and a tourist trap (Chester and Hester's Dinorama).

9. Finding Nemo The Musical

Theater In The Wild Finding Nemo The Musical Disney's Animal Kingdom

Finding Nemo The Musical takes place in this land. It is performed in a theater supposedly owned by the Dino Institute.

10. Fossil Replicas

Dinosaur Fossil Dinoland USA Disney's Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World

This land holds some massive full-scale fossil replicas that connect it more fully to the theme as a dig town.