Look Back On Monsters Inc Disney On Ice

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Sulley Boo and Randall Doors Scene Disney On Ice Monsters Inc

Most Disney On Ice shows feature a variety of classic and modern Disney and Pixar films, but rarely there is a movie so popular it leads to a full show being dedicated to it. That's what happened with Pixar's Monsters Inc.

Sulley Monsters Inc Disney On Ice Character

This show, premiering in 2003 started roughly two years after the initial release of the film it was based on.

Randall and Boo Monsters Inc Disney On Ice

Significantly, due to the nature of the show there was only one main human character, with the majority of the cast being monsters.

Mr. Waternoose Disney On Ice Character Monsters Inc

These monsters were all brought to life with massive costumes, many of which with extra limbs and disproportionately large body sizes, all of which performers had to skate with.

Mike Wazowski Disney On Ice Character Monsters Inc

It was a fun retelling of the film on stage with impressive special effects that made it a long running Disney On Ice show. To this day Monsters Inc characters still make occasional appearances in Disney On Ice performances.


  1. Best Disney on Ice show ever!

  2. if they ever do Sequel On ice with: Pinocchio Dumbo Sword Stone Robin Hood Great Mouse Detective Treasure Planet Chicken Little Meet Robinsons Bolt Frankenweenie Nightmare Before Christmas Roger Rabbit Bug's Life Monsters inc Ratatouille Up Coco Lone Ranger John Carter Pete's Dragon Swiss Family Robinson African Adventure Bedtime Stories Robots Ferdinand Horton (Reluctant Dragon Song South Aristocats Bedknobs Broomsticks Black Cauldron Oliver Company Dinosaur Home on Range Wild Princess Frog Brave Moana) etc i would be very cheerful


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