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Sam Wilson as Captain America First Appearance The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Finale

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premiered its game-changing final episode today, delivering on its major themes and providing a power dynamic shift that will change the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From this point, be aware the review does have a spoiler warning for the final episode of the series, so be sure to wait to read the review if you want to experience the episode first.

Spoiler Warning

Flying Captain America Sam Wilson The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Final Episode One World One People

We start with Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes both preparing for a final confrontation with the Flag Smashers in New York City. The GRC, an alliance of countries in the aftermath of people returning from Thanos's actions is planning to restore order in a way that would displace permanently millions who returned from the snap.

Sharon Carter In Parking Garage The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Final Episode

The Flag Smashers cause an evacuation of the building with the help of several sympathizers on the inside, and chaos immediately ensues, with Bucky and Sharon Carter both entering the building to help fight.

As things escalate, Sam Wilson arrives no longer as Falcon, but for the first time as Captain America, with a redesigned suit and powers, but still without a super serum. He begins to fight one of the super serum enhanced Flag Smashers as the fight continues.

Bucky Being Handed a Cell Phone The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney Plus

Karli decides to speak to Bucky while organizing the fight from afar, although she is unwilling to negotiate this time.

Karli Morgenthau Talking To Bucky Barnes On The Phone The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Finale Disney Plus Marvel

The Flag Smashers use the evacuation to put the powerful GRC members onto helicopters and trucks that they control, taking them hostage, and debating on whether to kill them or manipulate the world to change its approach to the post Blip problems.

John Walker Fights Karli Morgenthau One Last Time The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Series Finale Marvel Disney Plus

After all three heroes have finished their battles in the initial building they pursue the Flag Smashers further through the streets of New York, now joined by John Walker who has a personal fight with Karli.

She apologizes for killing his friend Lemar Hoskins, stating she didn't want to kill people who didn't matter, later clarifying she meant to her larger cause. This further angers John, who attacks her with his new shield.

During this Bucky and Sam Wilson have their own fights, saving a truck and helicopter of government representatives before converging on the same scene as Walker.

John Walker Trying To Save Falling Truck The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Final Episode Disney Plus Marvel

They all end up at the same construction pit, where another truck of government agents begins to fall. John Walker attempts to save it, in what feels like an almost entirely unearned redemption scene.

The series has spent almost the entirety of its run exploring the reasons Walker does not deserve to be Captain America, yet from this point on he is treated as another one of the heroes with no growth to his character being shown beyond this one action, which while good, doesn't counteract everything he had done so far.

Captain America Saving GRC Members The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Marvel

He fails in this action, but the real Captain America shows up and saves them with his flying abilities.

The heroes then pursue the remaining Flag Smashers on foot, splitting up when they need to.

Sharon Carter Pointing a Gun at Karli Morgenthau The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Finale Marvel Disney Plus

Carter is the first to find Karli, and reveals herself as the Power Brooker during this encounter, encouraging Karli to work for her. This fails when another actor shows up, causing a shoot-off where he dies and Carter is shot.

John Walker and Bucky Capture Flag Smashers The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Marvel Disney Plus

During this battle, John Walker and Bucky capture the rest of the Flag Smashers.

Karli Fights Sam Wilson Captain America The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Finale Disney Plus

Wilson as Captain America arrives at this point and attempts to convince Karli to reform herself and work towards her goals in a more productive way. After a fight, she gets the upper hand and Carter mortally shoots her to prevent her from killing Wilson.

Karli Morgenthau Dies in Captain America Sam Wilson Arms The Falcon and The Winter Soldier One World One People Marvel

Karli dies apologizing in Sam Wilson's hands.

Captain America Lands Carrying Karli Morgenthau's Body The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Finale

Captain America flies to a crowd of news reporters and government agents carrying Karli's body, handing it to paramedics before speaking to the agents in what is one of the best exchanges in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe so far.

Captain America Sam Wilson Giving a Speech The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Marvel Finale

He asks if they still plan on passing the controversial piece of legislation that would move millions to refugee camps due simply to having been affected by the snap, as well as harden borders. They say they are, simplifying Karli and the Flag Smashers' actions as merely acts of terrorism.

Wilson though dismisses this view, as he points out that the actions they are about to inflict would likely be viewed as terrorism by those affected, and that Karli's beliefs are far more popular than they would like to acknowledge. He also says that the next Karli will come, and she will not be as sympathetic.

Sam Wilson Captain America Giving a Speech The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Marvel Disney Plus

This conversation also includes a candid talk over the implications of Sam Wilson taking over the shield as Captain America, in that millions will hate him for the color of his skin alone, and how this power imbalance is similar to the world in the aftermath of Thanos.

Billions of people suddenly feeling systemic inequality through no fault of their own, and decisions are being made about their lives without any input from the people actually being affected.

Captain America Sam Wilson Speech News Report The Falcon and The Winter Soldier One World One People

This speech is captured live by surrounding news cameras, and is exactly the kind of speech Steve Rogers would have given, showing why he is the perfect successor to the role. He has a grasp on the issues facing the world and an unflinching moral compass that can speak truth to power, even from his own government if it is acting incorrectly.

Bucky Walking With Sam Wilson as Captain America The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

He leaves with Bucky and Carter, before being asked to finish capturing the last Flag Smasher on his own.

A final montage shows a collection of concluding events, including the death of the remaining Flag Smashers, as well as their continuing level of support among the public.

Elijah Bradley Captain America Statue The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Finale Disney Plus

Eli Bradley is also shown finally getting the acknowledgment he always deserved, with a section being added to the Captain America museum exhibit shown in multiple MCU movies in tribute to the role he played in the super soldier program.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes Celebrate The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Finale

Bucky is also shown being accepted into Sam Wilson's family, as well as fully owning up to his actions as the Winter Solider.

John Walker as US Agent The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Disney Plus Marvel

John Walker is also shown transformed into US Agent, showing we have yet to see the last of him.

Sharon Carter Receives a Pardon The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Post Credits Scene Marvel Disney Plus

Finally, in a post-credits scene, Sharon Carter is given a pardon, and her old job back. But she also still holds her Power Brooker role, now utilizing it to sell US government secrets.

Captain America and The Winter Soldier Title Card Finale Marvel Disney Plus

The Falcon and The Winter Soldier was a solid follow-up Marvel Disney Plus original. While not always sticking the landing, it addressed some complicated themes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and moved the story forward from Avengers Endgame towards whatever is next.