Aulani Minnie Mouse Disney Character Tribute

Disney Character Tribute

Minnie Mouse Character Meal Disney's Aulani Resort

Disney's Aulani attempts to balance creating a tropical and culturally authentic Hawaiian experience while also keeping you fully immersed in the world of Disney.

One of the best ways the resort does this is with the classic Disney characters appearing in Hawaiian inspired attire. Today we are paying tribute to Minnie's outfit exclusive to Disney's Aulani.

Minnie Mouse Meeting Guests in Disney's Aulani

When Minnie Mouse meets with guests throughout Disney's Aulani, she appears in a tropical blue dress with a matching bow with a flower in it that looks like it came right from one of the many beautiful local plants.

Minnie Mouse Disney's Aulani Resort

Minnie's dress features a floral-inspired design that also includes outlines of ukeleles in multiple colors.

Minnie Mouse In Disney's Aulani With Coconuts

She appears in this all throughout the resort, from the character meals to meet and greets in the park, making for a special Disney experience in the middle of Oahu.