10 Facts and Secrets About Disneyland's Alice In Wonderland Ride

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Alice In Wonderland Ride Fantasyland Disneyland

One of the many unique attractions found in Disneyland is the Alice In Wonderland dark ride found next to Mad Tea Party. This ride takes you through many of the iconic scenes of the film on a ride like no other in the world.

Today in tribute to this classic, we are sharing 10 facts and secrets about this attraction.

1. Multiple Versions

This ride has been redesigned several times over the years, with the only main constant being the track layout.

2. Shared Building

Alice In Wonderland Station Disneyland

This ride shares a building with Mr. Toad's Wild Ride, and much of it takes place above that ride.

3. Animatronics

Many of the animatronics located in the ride over the years were duplicates of animatronic characters from the film made for another Disney attraction, Mickey Mouse Review, formerly located in both the Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland.

4. Projections

The current version of the dark ride features projections on various elements, adding to the immersivity of the experience.

5. Railings

The outside portion of the ride has had railings added to it in recent years to ensure its safety in the event of a breakdown.

6. Last Scene

The final unbirthday scene was not originally a part of the attraction, only being added later on in a refurbishment.

7. Later Opening

Alice and the Mad Hatter Sign Autographs In Fantasyland Disneyland

This was the first dark ride to be added to Fantasyland in Disneyland after opening day.

8. Mini Area

Mad Tea Party Ride Empty Disneyland

The Mad Tea Party was moved near this attraction to make a mini Alice In Wonderland themed section of Fantasyland.

9. Ticket Booth

Alice In Wonderland Ride Mushroom Entrance Disneyland

The massive mushroom in the queue line of this attraction originally served as the ticket booth for this ride.

10. Original Voice

When the ride was redone in 1983, the original voice of Alice recorded new lines for the attraction.